Geneva Blockchain Congress 2020


The Geneva Macro Labs were delighted that Palexpo invited us to speak at the Geneva Blockchain Congress 2020. Our speakers participated in two panels:

Track 1: Blockchain and public administrations

People-first public private partnerships (PPPs) can introduce social change when addressing specific SDGs with Blockchain technology.

Our speakers Jörn Erbguth and Leonardo Gammar talked about E-Identity resp. E-voting. The panel was moderated by Dr. Ekkehard Ernst, the president of the Geneva Macro Labs.

Track 8: Social and humanitarian applications

Partnering for SDGs was the focus of this panel. Blockchain expert Kamales Lardi presented solutions to make supply chains more transparent, Jessica Camus explained how to avoid modern slavery with the help of DLT and Maike Gericke provided solutions for financial inclusion in areas with no internet coverage.

The panel was moderated by Paul Wang, the Head of Corporate Governance at the Geneva Macro Labs.

Meet our speakers

Jörn Erbguth, University of Geneva

Jörn Erbguth is a consultant on blockchain, smart contracts and data protection (GDPR).

He's a lecturer at the Geneva School of Diplomacy and the University of Geneva.

Jörn covered the topic E-Identity related to Blockchain and public administrations.

Dr. Ekkehard Ernst, Geneva Macro Labs

Ekkehard is the president of the Geneva Macro Labs and

Future of work and AI specialist at ILO.

Ekkehard moderated track 1 on Blockchain and public administrations.

Paul Wang, Mt Pelerin

Paul is the Executive Advisor to the CEO @High-Tech Bridge. Advisory Board Member @Mt-Pelerin and Head of Corporate Governance at the Geneva Macro Labs.

Paul moderatee track 8 on Social and humanitarian applications.

Jessica Camus, Diginex

Jessica is Head of Partnerships and Impact at Diginex.

Her topic: How to abolish modern slavery thanks to Blockchain technology.

Kamales Lardi, Lardi&Partner Consulting

Kamales is Digital Transformation Leader, Business Futurist and Founder and President of Diversity In Blockchain Switzerland.

She spoke about how Blockchain technology can help to ensure transparent supply chains in the palm oil business.

Maike Gericke, Scrypt.Media

Maike Gericke is the co-founder of Scrypt.Media, a DLT consultancy and innovation studio. Her topic: last mile solutions for financial inclusion with limited phone access.

Leonardo Gammar, Agora

Leonardo Gammar is CEO at Agora. Leo discussed how to strenghten voters' rights and democracy with Blockchain.

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