Our concept

in a nutshell

Why Geneva Macro Labs?

We leverage Lake Geneva's intellectual potential and unique institutional capital to help achieve the SDGs. We want to drive positive change and collective action. 

Geneva is the ideal base for a collective intelligence network and platform for co-creating innovative solutions. We aim to help develop actionable solutions for global issues.

Increasing cooperation is vital to supporting each of the Sustainable Development Goals. 

We focus on Goal 17, developing multi-stakeholder partnerships to share knowledge and expertise. That way we help contribute to the overall success of the SDGs. 

What are the Geneva Macro Labs?

The GeMLabs are a Do Tank that contributes to Geneva "walking the talk" when it comes to delivering the SDGs.

We want to empower our community in order to advise and advocate for effective policymaking. 

As civil society entity, we benefit from a unique position, bringing together stakeholders from different sectors, generating and analyzing reliable data from the grassroots and promoting evidence-based policy-making to engage stakeholders for the solutions we identify.

What are our activities?

We organize conferences and hold monthly after work events to foster dialogue and provide networking opportunities.

Our conferences are interactive and include workshops where the audience contributes to the discussion and works on solutions.

The conclusions of our roundtable events and conferences are published in Solutions Papers.

Our mission is to scale that knowledge for a sustainable future and to advocate evidence-based decision-making. 

How do we work?

The GeMLabs are a member based forum and platform. We bring together people from all walks of life who have the will and the influence to create a sustainable future in line with SDGs.

We work with a scientific and advisory board as well as with external audit and experts to ensure independence, transparency and due diligence.

Who are our partners?

Key take-aways

about GeMLabs

A Geneva based Do Tank that combines a research think tank...

...with a multi-stakeholder exchange platform...

...to leverage Geneva's collective intelligence...

...for solutions to achieve the SDGs...

...and influence public policy

Want to know more about us?

More detail on our concept: 

Our world is facing critical issues that are global in scale and require systematic solutions.

Yet, despite the efforts of dedicated institutions, progress is not happening fast enough.

Our concern

How can we design policies with an effective and positive long-term impact?

We at GeMLabs think that by working together, building a collective intelligence network and offering a platform for co-creating innovative solutions, we can multiply the impact of policy-making efforts.

Our mission

Leverage the unique institutional, financial and human capital of Geneva and the Lake Geneva area to promote a humane and practical framework that guides the development of new methods to more effectively meet the challenges we and future generations face. 

We strive to build a Geneva-based Do-Tank for future-oriented policymaking ...

in the following ways:

Build a platform and collective intelligence network in order to:

➢ develop innovative solutions to pressing global challenges that help achieve the SDGs

➢ advise policy makers, business leaders and institutions in their decision-making processes

➢ advocate for innovative solutions to global challenges

➢ partner with public and private actors

Co-create promising approaches to effective policy-making by:

➢ offering a platform for the GeM Labs community to meet and exchange with experts

➢ aggregating and translating insights through the GeM Labs Do-Tank to actionable and sustainable solutions.

Empowering our community in order to advise and advocate for effective policymaking through:

➢ workshops and seminars to translate insights into action

➢ a vibrant and locally anchored multi-stakeholder community.

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